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Hello ūüėČ

I am Liuba Hryb and I’m one of those FLEX dinosaurs since I have finished FLEX year in 2009. However, I am still in touch with my host family, local coordinator Penny and a few friends. A year in Madison, Wisconsin was fantastic.

I am from small town Kostopil, Rivne region. It was a rainy day in September 2007 and my English teacher made me to go to Rivne to participate in FLEX program. (Thank you, Olena Yevheniivna!) Nobody from Kostopil had never won the program. Anyway, I decided to try. And you cannot imagine HOW I was surprised and happy when got a call in April with the information that I won.

A year in the USA

It was long time ago. However, I still admire my Lucius family and remember all the brightest moments. High school with cool Spanish lessons, social dance or psychology, biking, visiting family relatives for holidays, trick or treating, trying all kinds of food, tons of presents for Christmas, guitar lessons, spring break in Florida, Disneyworld, playing pool in the basement, playing golf, WII, simply spending time with family watching Chuck or Wiped out TV shows, walking the dog Rosie or being afraid of our cat Lucky :), going to the prom in a dress that my host mom made for me, being crazy with my awesome siblings Aaron and Maddy. I can go on and on… The most emotional moment was my good-bye party when I could not stop crying. It was really one of the happiest years of my life that gave me lot.

Studying at NU Ostroh Academy I was even more active. What I also brought from the USA is the positive attitude to life and love to volunteering and social work. In Ukraine I did a lot of projects with NGO FRI, participated in Erasmus+ projects. And here am I now – working as an export specialist in one cool company in Poland, doing freelance translations and travelling as much as I can. Goal – to get tons of experience worldwide and implement it later back at home.

Take a chance to completely change your life! And remember: “There is always room for improvement”.

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