Webinar FLEX Program 2018/2019

If you are interested in FLEX Program 2018 and you have some doubts about rules or requirements, then you should definitely watch our webinar:


History of Barbara

Nonstop success! Greetings to Basia who was accepted to Eastern Mediterranean International School, Ramat Hasharon, Israel. Basia spent her exchange year in Utah state and right after it, she was able to get this great opportunity where more than few hundred people applied! The school’s mission is to bring peace and sustainability to the Middle East, and gradually to the rest of the world. Basia will study there for 2 years and will graduate with the IB Diploma. Great job, keep it up! We wish you unforgettable experience

“The name of the school is Eastern Mediterranean International School, and it is located in Ramat Hasharon, near Tel Aviv. I am going to study here for 2 years, and I’m going to graduate with the IB Diploma. My class has 75 people, and I am not exactly sure of the acceptance rate, but I know that a few hundred people applied. The school’s mission is to bring peace and sustainability to the Middle East, and gradually to the rest of the world. It helps students from around the world to get together, and cross borders of prejudice, race, religion, or opinions. It is a boarding school, so we have to learn how to study together, live together, and work together. During my exchange year I was assigned to Utah – a beautiful state in southern-west of the United States. I loved my experience there, and definitely recommend everyone to apply for FLEX. The picture presents me (on the right), and my friend from Brazil in our new school colors – orange and white.”

Story of Monika

We believe that each FLEX alumna eventually becomes successful. Therefore, we like sharing our success stories. Welcome our first Polish FLEX alumna Monika Motyka’17, who spent her year in Union, Washington. Right after the FLEX program Monika was able to pass all the exams in Polish school. What is more she has got into Cracow University of Economics and became the first college freshman out of all Polish FLEXers. Monika is going to study Finance and Accounting starting from this October.

“So I lived in Union, Washington in the last year and attended high school in Belfair, Washington. I’m going to study on UEK since October. Department: Finance and Law. Speciality: Finance and Accounting. ”